The Most Powerful Personal
Development Tool in History is Here

And All You Have to Do is Breathe

Number 16:47-48:

Aaron did as Moses said, and ran into the midst of the assembly.

The plague had already started among the people, but Aaron offered incense...

He stood between the living and the dead, and the plague stopped.

Did you hear that?

Incense stopped the plague.

And incense was the one thing that stood between those who lived, and those who died.

Welcome. I’m David Segal.

Let me ask you... does that Bible story mean anything to you?

Are you too suffering from a kind of plague?

For some, it’s the plague of addiction.

Some of us are plagued by debt.

Some of us are plagued with disharmony with wives, husbands, friends and bosses and employees and of course, yourself.

Some of us are plagued with no relationships or no close ones, anyway.

Some of us are plagued by a belly that just won’t go away no matter what we do.

And it really does make a difference between going through life living each day, or dying a little each day.

I’m not a religious man.

But that Bible verse has remained
relevant for a very long time.

But that Bible verse has remained relevant for a very long time.

And maybe...

Just maybe...the answer the answer now...

Maybe incense can help YOU with your own personal plague.

Maybe you actually are... as you read this presentation...

…standing between the living and the dead.

Maybe you’re standing between life where you’re alive and healthy and at peace…

or a dead life in which you’re just going through the motions until you’re six feet under...

Do you ever just think...

What exactly is holding you back?

Why does it seem like you’re always running in place?

It’s almost like the universe is out to get you sometimes, am I wrong?

You’re late for work and your car breaks down.

You have a big meeting the next day and your toddler is screaming all night.

You know what I mean when I say “out to get you”.

And why?

Why isn’t anything “working” for you?

Why can’t you fix your marriage?

Why can’t you fix your depleted bank account.?

Why can’t you stop eating junk food?

How come every time you try to break out and get out of your comfort zone and help yourself, you get smacked down like you’re some kind of whack a mole?

Why is your life broken? Why is your life plagued?

And what does incense have to do with it?

In short, everything.

You haven’t heard this before,
and you may never hear it again...

But in this shocking presentation....

You’re going to learn why the Bible, and every single religion on this planet ALWAYS considers incense the KEY to removing sin and inviting blessing...

When sin is removed… the channels of blessing automatically become open...

…whether you repent or whether you don’t.

It’s almost like a spiritual cheat code...

It’s a religious rite that doesn’t take any sacrifice.

Still sinning? The Talmud says it doesn’t matter.

The incense is more powerful than anything you could possibly do.

And damn, does it smell good.

I could say there is nothing greater on this earth than incense...and I wouldn’t be lying.

It gives you all the benefits months of deprivation would give you.

You don’t have to go through all the religious training and ritual.

As we’ve don’t even need to be religious.

It has the power to elicit blessings and goodness into every aspect of life, as we will explain.

Now I know this is new to you...

You’re thinking “Incense!?
What the heck does that do”, right?

If you’re like most people, you probably think incense is for getting rid of a smell left by your dog.

Or maybe you think it’s a fashion statement.

Something hippies use to make themselves look more bohemian.

Or maybe you think it’s just for good ambiance.

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong.

You see… those are sticks that smell good. And that’s great.

They’re a substitute for perfume.

The people who make them actually use perfume in their production.

But what you’re about to be introduced to... is Spiritual Sticks.

Sticks that have actual powers. Dare I say, miraculous powers.

Stay with me and I’ll prove it.

Science will prove it.

These sticks, which I have discovered, by going all the way to the source. The source where incense was actually invented...

The source of the secret formulas that go all the way back to the House of Avtinas and the incense of the Holy Temple on Yom Kippur.

And yes. The source of that incense that stopped the plague.

I am so excited to tell you about these sticks because no one ever has.

And nothing will shake up this industry more.

Because everything is out of the window.

No more mantras. No more binaural beats.

No more meditation or medication.

No more “I’m too wired to fall asleep”.

No more intermittent fasting.

No more battles of the ego with the ones you love.

No more cravings.

And no more loneliness.

These spiritual sticks may have
one day only been spiritual.

But they have become scientific.

In a double-blind controlled study, we have tested these Spiritual Sticks on exactly one thousand test subjects.

And we had them check in with us every single day on how their lives were going.

Many were not religious in any way. It didn't matter. All they had to do was smell.

Actually, you don’t even have to smell. Just breathe. Something I imagine most of you are doing now already haha.

The results were quite shocking.

Stay tuned.

After the test I can now say that if I give you one of our “money sticks.”

And you just have it lit in your room for an hour a day.

You have an over 72% chance that you will get one of the following:

New business ideas

A new money-making opportunity

More confidence in the boardroom (and the bedroom)

The gusto to ask for a raise whether you deserve one or do not

Better performance in the stock market

Better luck in finding good business partners

And from there you're
off to the races.

We just had someone from the 1,000 named Steven N., five months in, buying a brand new Tesla without making a dent in his bank account.

This is to say nothing of the fact that these are the most delicious scents you have ever experienced.

The joy of smelling these resins will fill your home and make everyone cheerier and more loving towards each other.

And that’s just the first side effect.

And all they did was breathe.

Because breathing is the gateway to the soul and the soul is the gateway to your success...

Did you know you can snap someone out of a coma using a small amount of smelling salts1?

Look it up. It’s true.

What modern medicine fails to do, ancient wisdom comes and solves in mere seconds.

Don’t ever count out the ancients.

They may not have had iPhones. But they were one with the land.

The land where all of today’s medicine comes from. Botanical life was THEIR life.

And they constantly tested and tweaked.

They knew exactly what
parts of nature serve what
problems in our body...

And their #1 tool for achieving rapid success emotionally, physically and spiritually has always been incense.

It’s their go-to, holy grail, secret sauce. The key that unlocks endless treasures.

Incense stops all plagues.



And more...

These sticks have a salutary effect on all other mental illnesses, our study shows.

Money problems are solved.

Addiction. Suddenly manageable.

Trauma. Forgotten.

Marital problems. A person they couldn’t stand to be around is now a pleasure.

Loneliness. Replaced with a beaming, meaningful social life.

There already is a scientific field using scent to’s been around for decades.

It’s called aromatherapy2.

And everyone knows that it works.

But it’s hit or miss. Works for some and not for others. And the rest is just a guessing game.

Furthermore, their powers are generalized.

They just have you find a
scent you like and run with it.

What I’m talking about is a laser. A heat seeking missile...

A stick specifically made for every problem.

Results absolutely guaranteed.

For anyone.

No matter how old.

No matter how depressed.

No matter how broke.

No matter how hopeless.

There is a stick for answer to your plague....and you’re about to get your hands on it...

…and our study shows it will work for it has worked for the vast majority of our heroic “one thousand” who gave the sticks a shot.

They’re getting promotions, having better sex and sometimes both...

These people are getting out of debt and cutting up all their credit cards.

Wendy Sweet wrote to us and said...

“Spiritual Sticks were something I had trouble believing in. But it was too interesting not to try. So I didn’t expect much. I used it for a few days and saw nothing change. I was about to throw in the towel and get a refund. But that very day a check came in the mail. It was a bonus check from my boss.

It said “you’re doing great work, keep it up.” He never does stuff like that.“I hope you buy something nice with this.” He said.

Well I did. And something deep inside me said the incense had something to do with it. It was the only change I made in my life. I never had such blessings.

Then a few days later a tax refund check showed up. I didn’t even know I was owed any taxes. This was even bigger than the bonus check, minus the loving note. The IRS isn’t known for being cheery lol. The point is...this was more blessings. I get unexpected checks regularly now and this is slowly taking me out of the debt I’ve been staring down for 18 years. Oh yeah.

There is also a new calm in my house. My kids are sleeping through the night and fighting me less about bedtime. Nobody can put their finger on it. But when that stick is lit, they feel really good and they know things are only gonna get better. I have no doubts anymore. I know it’s the incense doing it like I know my own name. Never were things looking so bright as when I started lighting up those sticks. Bless you David, as you have blessed me.

Since we actually tested it on people...this has gone from woo-woo spirituality to hard science...

We tested out the Spiritual Sticks on exactly 1,000 subjects.

We had them all keep the spiritual sticks lit for 30 days...

And you’re about to see the results.

Now realize how different this is from the other products out there. They will tell you everything they sell you works for everyone.

The fact is nothing works for everyone.

What you want is a product that works for as many people as possible…

and you hope your product creator shares their tests results so you know what you’re getting into.

Well here they are.

As you can see,

87% of test subjects reports greater peace of mind
85% had increased optimism
79% Made more money
81% experienced lost weight
89% said their marriages improved
93% had fewer negative thoughts
82% felt more confident
68% got new business ideas or a promotion

I was excited by these results.

But I wasn’t surprised.

I’d seen what it had done in my own life.

5 years ago, if you looked up loser in the dictionary, you’d find me and it would say “also see wacko”

I was a 31-year-old graduate school virgin.

I was in engineering school...

I was smart.

But couldn't figure it out with the ladies.

I had only kissed one girl and that’s because we were playing spin the bottle and she had no choice.

I had no friends.

I got good grades, which got me girls who wanted to copy my notes...but apparently that doesn’t translate into you getting laid...

One day I noticed in the mirror I was balding in the front. And I was losing territory fast.

Great. So I was gonna be bald too.

I figured whatever chances I had at getting hitched were now officially laid to rest...

It looks like I would die a virgin.

I was already skinny fat...and I was soon to be skinny fat with no hair...

It wasn’t even the sex that really bothered me.

I craved affection. I craved connection.

I wanted someone to actually
think about me instead of me only
thinking about myself.

I talked to my Mom about it...

She said nothing was wrong with me...

But I knew it wasn’t true...

There was something wrong.

I repelled people.

I was a Grade A flunkie and I hated myself.

I grew bitter...and darker...

Started listening to Goth music exclusively....

Shuttered my windows.

Got real pale...

Got a nose ring.

I even started cutting myself...

How trendy was that!

It was the only way to act out how much I actually hated myself.

Cutting became slashing.

And I passed out once from the blood loss.

I was always wearing long sleeve T shirts to cover the gashes.

I would see a girl, smile, and she’d just look away like I was some kind of leper.

My new lifestyle had only made things worse.

I went to a shrink and I was diagnosed with depression. They sent me off with me a bunch of pills which I proceeded to send down the toilet.

I knew they wouldn’t help me. Because this wasn’t chemical. It was situational.

The situation of crappiness...the situation of virginity...the situation of hating the world...

The situation of having no peace.
I was beginning to have enough of it all...

I saw my classmates on social media, drinking, looking tan, sexy, and all over each other at cabana parties.

Seems like I was the only person who wasn’t there.

So I resigned myself to a life of utter loneliness.

And a life that I didn’t think would last much longer....

At that point...

When I was plotting my demise...

I don’t know if it was God or the kinship of all things.

But let’s just say I caught a serious break.

The school was offering a free roundtrip to Kushinagar, India.

They pay for the hotels, the food, the tourist attractions, everything.

This was my dream...

To get out.

See another side of life. A side I was never exposed to.

And maybe...just maybe...
change my fate.

“Do Buddhists girls date?”, I thought.

Whether they did or whether they didn’t...

I knew the Buddhists had some inside knowledge on happiness

I’d seen the Dali Lama speak, and the guy literally can’t wipe his smile off his face.

So a trip to India...

Might be just what the doctor ordered.

The requirements to win the trip were purely scholastic and I knew I had everyone beat in that regard...

So the lot fell on me...

I was surprised when my parents thought it was a good idea.

I thought they’d want me to stay close to home on suicide watch..

But they also knew that it was the environment that was killing me.

This was my only chance to find someone who could help me see the world from another vantage point....

I won’t bore you with the flight and the travel. Let’s skip to the Temple.

I go to the main Buddhist Temple. A highly recommended one.

And there’s a large group of
people there.

And some kind of guru at the helm who is chanting as they repeat after him.

A mantra, I supposed...

One thing I noticed is the guru was engulfed in smoke.

He had 5, maybe 6, incense sticks going to the right of him, to the left of him, in front of him and behind him. This guy was smokin’ lol.

He turned around. And he was smiling.

I had never seen someone so at peace... so serene... I recognized that smile... it was the Dali Lama smile.

As soon as the service was over, I got up the guts, and made my way to the guru.

I couldn’t believe I was the only one who wanted to talk to him...

I just jumped right into it.

I asked him how to achieve happiness...

He said “Happiness is not the goal, it is the journey”.

Whatever that meant.

“The path to happiness...”, he said “it's hard work: deprivation, fasting and mastery over your thoughts.”

That seemed strange. All my life I was trying to fill myself up, with love, food, good grades.

And this guy, with the unwashable smile, was telling me to deprive myself, ask for less, and I would actually be happier.

This may be the insight
I came here for.

“Why fasting”, I said?

He said less food means a weaker body and stronger soul.


Instead of slashing my wrist to feel pain, I could just not eat for a while and I’d feel better.

At least that was the idea.

And what about this thought control?

He said “sit for an hour each day and obseeeerve your thoughts.”

“In your case, none of them are good”. He knew me well.

“But that’s okay. Just watch. Instead of being your thoughts. You will become the man who is observing your thoughts.

And when your mind starts to wander… That is not bad. It is good. Just gently bring your mind back to your thoughts. That’s stage one.”

I’d heard of meditation plenty but it just seemed boring. But if it could turn around my life... well I’d try anything.

I felt such a connection to this man. He was so wise. So peaceful.

And maybe that’s why I did what I did next.

I said “Look, master.”

And I showed him my
arm full of gashes.

I expected him to jump back.

But he just had a look of pain in his face.

He said “Your body is your Temple. The goal is not to tear down the Temple.

The goal is to let the soul shine through the Temple.”

He said, “if this is where you are...I think you need a head start.

“A head start?”

“A way to skip the stages”

I was on the edge of my seat. I was getting the “hack”.

He said “Do you know why I’m so peaceful during these sessions with my congregation?”

“It’s not all thought control. Although I have that. It’s not all fasting even though I am fasting right now. It’s the incense.”

“The smoke, right?”

“Yes. The smoke penetrating my nostrils at every moment.

This puts me at harmony with the universe.

And ever since I started using them, I have never had any lack of anything.

Not for money, not for bodily perfection not for relationships.”

I said, “Where do I get them?”

He said “You can’t just use the perfume they use in your country. You must use the actual resin from the herbs I will tell you how to get.”

And I showed him my
arm full of gashes.

Rose sticks for finding your mate and adding love to your relationship.

You need Lotus sticks for weight loss and health

You need Lavender sticks for sleep and peace of mind....

You need Ylang Ylang sticks for confidence.”

.... And he went on and on...

“I get my sticks from a man in Japan. He is expert in formulating resins for specific life problems. His name is Yoshi Avtinas. Go to him. And heal. And please don’t hurt yourself again.”

“I promise”, I said. And I meant it.

Well… a trip to Japan at this hour would make me lose my flight home.

But it didn’t matter.

I would find a way to pay for it...even if it meant washing some dishes for a while.

I had to get these spiritual sticks from these Avtinans.

My life depended on it...

So I took the flight and landed. In my hand was an address. And that was all I had.

People were nice to me in Japan. Helpful. I will never forget their kindness.

They showed me how to get to the address with public transportation...

I arrived at a very small home that seemed pretty unkempt.

The grass was a foot tall and the steps had bricks missing.

Was anyone taking care of this place?

I later found out why this guy didn’t have time to cut the grass.

He was extracting, pulverizing and compounding herbs 12 hours a day...

There was a demand for his sticks that he couldn’t fill.

So when he saw me, he gave me a look like “here comes another American customer who won’t leave me alone.”

I said “I’m David. I’ve come from very far. Please tell me. What’s your secret? How do people get such results from your sticks, specifically”

He said “Son...”

and he showed me a picture of an old woman...

He said “this is my great grandmother.” There were clouds of smoke around her.

“See this painting? This is my great great grandfather.” Also enveloped in smoke.

“Our secrets have been in our family for 3,000 years.

We are the Avtinas family and we kept our secret formulas secret for millenia...

We know what formula stopped the plague in 2799 B.C.E. Because that was us.

I am Yoshi Avtinas.

And we know what formula releases anyone from sin...which once the person endless rewards of money and sex. The perfect body and the perfect mind.

That is why my sticks
are so powerful.

If you have our sticks you will never need meditation again...”

I said “why not hire some help?”

He said “this secret stays secret for as long as we can.

Every stick has to be coated by myself or another Avtinas family member.

This is the secret of those well-meaning gurus who want you to think they’re holy.

I’m their secret.”

This was unbelievable...

“I… could be like them? And all it would take were some great smells?”

I was talking to the guy with the secret sauce...

The guru’s guru. The one that gave these gurus all their firepower...

I said, “Is this way these gurus amass such large congregations?”

He said “That’s the money stick. They have the money stick and these congregations provide them with all their needs while they just have to sit there and pretend to be depriving themselves.”

I said “Do you have a stick that can make women like me?”

I felt like such a jerk asking such a selfish question but I had to.

He pointed and said “over there are my love sticks. Inhale these for an hour and women will chasing after you...”

“They taught you wrong,” he said. “Eyes are not the window to the soul. Smell is the window to the soul... that’s why it’s so powerful.”

“So how much would it cost me to get a money stick a love stick and a peace of mind stick?”

He said “all the prices are below the compartments.”

I had a moment’s hesitation. I said, “This stuff really works, right?”

He said “Son I don’t need your business. But you should know there is nothing more powerful than smell. And these smells are designed to change your life.”

“If you would only know how many Buddhist and Hindu gurus use my incense and suddenly get huge congregations just because of the good energy and happiness they emit.”

I bought the Money stick, the
Love stick and the Peace of Mind stick.

And I was off, back to my hotel room to give them a whirl...

I started with the Peace of Mind stick.

I lit the tip of the stick and just let it sit there on the TV.

My Lord, this smelled good...

The smoke rose almost artfully.

Up and around, up and around...

It was beautiful...

But I couldn’t say I felt any peace of mind.

I took a deep breath.

Man, that was the best thing I ever smelled.

Sweet, but not the kind of sweet you get sick of. It’s addictive.

I said to myself this is probably what paradise smells like...

That’s when I remembered Yoshi saying, “Leave it a few minutes before you see the result.”

So, I did.

I was so bored those few minutes. I wanted to check my iPhone. Our overstimulated lifestyles don’t lend well to just waiting and watching....

But after about 6 minutes
I could feel a change....

It was strange, but exciting.

It was like a wave had washed over me. A wave of great comfort

And it lasted.

It was like I had been transported to a green pasture with a babbling brook and a beautiful sunset in the sky...

A beautiful woman in my arms...

And yet, I was totally present.

My thoughts had slowed down from like 90 mph to like 50mph

I had used drugs before.

And this had similarities. The only difference was I was completely present while it was happening.

I went downstairs and had no anxiety talking to the clerk at the lobby. I even high-fived a stranger.

And he gave me a big smile.

I was happy. Truly happy. And I started to have new insights into the universe, too.

About how we are masters of our own dentistry and nobody can stop us but ourselves. How fear really is the only thing to fear.

I felt invincible. And yet, grounded. Totally calm and yet excited about the future...

It was like nothing
I’ve ever felt before.

I now saw how those gurus were emitting such love and gathering the masses because of this energy...

Which brought me to the money stick.

I lit the money stick up and just waited for something to happen.

It smelled really good, though more mild than the peace of mind stick.

But nothing happened.

Then I figured...what am I expecting? That someone will knock on my door and hand me a check?

That wasn’t gonna happen.

I knew I had to contribute a little to this so I went to take a walk around Japan’s Utashinai.

I waited, leaning on a telephone pole. Then I realized there was paper plastered to it. It said:

An English tutor! I’ve always wanted to teach, and what better thing for me to start teaching than English!

This could pay for my flight back!

I couldn't be more excited.

I called the number...the mother was sweet as candy...and she said she’d like me to start right away.

Over the following days, I tutored the hell out of that kid and before you knew it, he was dancing to Marylyn Manson and understanding every word he said. (LOL.)

This was the first job I ever
had that I didn’t want to leave...

I loved that kid and his mother. And when I left a few weeks later, we all had a crying hug.

On my way back, a man stopped me. He had a thick accent. he said “you American, right”

I said “yes.”

He said “When do you fly back?”

I said “Tomorrow.”

He said “Would you take this guitar to my daughter in Phoenix? I’ll pay you 350 dollars for your inconvenience...”

All be damned.

Another money making opportunity...

I could just FedEx this sucker for 50 bucks and I will have cleared 300 bones no hassle.

I said, “Sure!”

I couldn’t believe how much trust this guy had in me after just having met me.

Then I remembered the money stick. I reeked of these powerful aromas.

He must have caught a whiff and the natural trust that that brings made me 300 dollars richer.

I’m just a student.

What this same thing does for
working folk is a thing of beauty...

Because there are just so many more ways to let that blessing into your life.

And this story wouldn't be complete if I didn’t complete the circle...

When I got home I lit up the love stick and inhaled for an hour before school.

When I got in the halls I would walk by a girl and she would take a double take.

It happened with another girl and another.

I never got this kind of attention.

Heck I never got any attention.

Even guys were looking at me...

Then there was a girl out of the corner of my eye. Just staring at me. This one seemed a little nervous. She was cute. dirty blonde. Just my type.

She walked up to me and said, “I never do this...but you just seem you want to hang out later?”

The rest is history folks.

That hottie is now my girlfriend...

I could tell you I’ve never been happier. But that wouldn’t be saying much.

I've been miserable as long as I can remember.

And to think... these sticks turned everything around.

I just bless whoever is out there for giving me that trip to Japan and meeting the Avtinas family...

And I am so grateful to be
able to share this blessing
with people such as yourself.

You are the real ending to this story. Because this story isn’t over until you fix up your life.

I want to warn you. There will be imitators. But what they’re selling you is nothing but perfume.

I am the ONLY one currently selling smoke from real herbs compounded from the Avtinas family. And I intend to keep it that way.

Let’s hear from some of the 1,000 who have tested them...

Here’s Rob Miller,

Spiritual Sticks are amazing. I focused on the weight loss stick. I lit it up and immediately I felt more full. I just didn’t need lunch at all that day. As a result, my weight went down a pound in a half. Just think what skipping lunch does for your calorie count and weight loss? I am so grateful I found spiritual sticks.

And believe me they’re not spiritual. They’re scientific at this point. I found out about the success of my colleagues and let me tell you...if they're getting half the results that I’m getting, this is going to be a revolution in the personal development space.

Thanks Rob.

I am legally bound to say the words “these are not typical results”. “Your results may vary”

That said...according to our testing you are very likely to get these kinds of


And in a moment we’re going to guarantee it.

This is Sasha Delinee,

Wow. This is amazing. I heard about the Spiritual sticks and I thought they were just another gimmick. There’s been so many gimmicks lately. Secret skulls, binaural beats, mantras and of course the law of attraction. I said, nothing can help my dying marriage. It was as if the air itself had been poisoned between myself and my husband. That’s why I thought the incense could work. Because it’s all about changing the atmosphere. This would be my second divorce and I really didn’t want to put the kids though it again. Then we got the Love Stick. It completely shifted the energy in the room. And it made both of us feel carnal lust for each other that we haven’t experienced since our honeymoon. Thank you David. You have saved a marriage

Mona Kemp says...

Spiritual sticks are on fire!

List Pellicio

I can’t get enough of the smell of spiritual sticks!

Peter Michaels

Spiritual sticks boosted my confidence. I feel like Antonio Banderas

Lee Newsome

Spiritual sticks are the ONLY solution you need today to get anything you want

Cindy Mckay

I got a promotion 10 days after using the money stick

Matt Mcneil

I lost 2 pants sizes in one month

Eric Holdin

I have never felt so at ease.. so comfortable. Whatever David says about the spiritual’s BETTER

You have to understand. The earliest use of incense was by the ancient Israelites.

And on their holiest day of the year, their holiest man of the congregation would do the holiest

thing they believed you could do. What was that?

Yup. Burning incense. It was responsible for cleansing the sin of every single Israelite, including sinners.

Why did they need to do that?

Because they wanted to have a good year.

Once the sin was removed, God supposedly would shower them with every sort of blessing.

Renewed energy, insight, calm,
self-control, confidence…

All material and spiritual gifts practically expressing itself in something as mundane as a new car or a promotion or in their case a new wagon and crops that grow on time every time...

The secret didn’t just work still works today.

And it’s the very same Avtinas family making the sticks.

Remember the Bible. The first man got his life through his NOSTRILS. Similarly, all our lives are accessed through our sense of smell.

The ancients also noted that the forbidden fruit of the Bible...was tasted, touched and seen.

But it never says they smelled it. Smell remains above sin. Above all the blockages in your life.

So the only question is...why aren’t YOU taking advantage of the power of smell in your home?

Why aren’t YOU taking advantage of the power of smell in your office?

“God” likes incense. The Universe likes incense. Nature rewards you for burning incense...

Real incense.


I don’t fully understand it myself.

But that yogi told me it’s because our job in this world is to make the physical, spiritual.

And that’s exactly what burning incense does. It’s just a physical stick.

But then it’s imbibed by our most
spiritual sense: the sense of smell...

The ancients believed incense goes right to heavens and brings a little bit of heaven down to us and my life has only gotten more heavenly the more I inhale these resins.

We use only organic wild crafted essences and it’s not made by me...I have no clue.

It’s made by Yoshi Avtinas and family...

And they are working as we speak, for you.

We are dedicating the proceeds from selling these products to hungry children in Badrinath, India. A city that really needs it. There is a fantastic guru there we can help grow his following and help more people.

Don’t forget. The richest country in the world, meter for meter is Japan. Japan is mostly Buddhist.

And every Buddhist worth his salt has incense burning in their home or place of business.

Could there be a connection between their wealth and the incense? I have no doubt.

And it’s so nice to have people enter your home and say “Yum. What’s that smell?”

I want you to have that experience starting today...

I’m not stopping until every able bodied man or woman has incense burning in their home.

It is such a gift to your life. It brings such blessing.

I feel we can heal the planet this way.

Have you ever learned about near death experiences?

People who went to heaven and lived to tell about it?

One thing they all say is an unbelievable
smell was always in the air.

I believe what we’re giving you is a taste of paradise in this world.

A taste of the afterlife in this world.

Once you start with spiritual sticks you'll be addicted. Every other place in your world will seem like a slight let-down.

So keep a stick in your pocket and ask them if you can light up. Nobody minds. They LOVE it.

You’re about to be very popular

A lot of people are smoking cannabis to calm their keyed up nerves.

And it works.

The problem there is they send more smoke to your lungs than cigarettes.

It also numbs your brain receptors after a while, making you dumber.

There’s a reason why they call it “dope.”

These incense sticks are completely safe, legal and will only heighten your mental clarity.

This is something completely new.

I know everyone will be copying me in as little as a few days.

But don’t be fooled. We have an exclusive contract with the Avtinas family.

Nobody else can get anything from them.

So here’s how this is going to go down.

A few moments after you order....

We immediately pack your box with:


Money sticks


Marital Harmony & Finding Love sticks


Marital Harmony & Finding Love sticks


Sleep sticks


Confidence sticks

Along with your sticks will come a handcrafted incense holder.

You get the package in 3-5 days because they’re shipping from my house not the Avtinas house...

When it arrives you rip it open like a kid on Christmas morning.

Knowing full well you have the most powerful transformation gift on the market to date.

And you know it’s been proven over a study of 1,000 test subjects.

And then?

Well then...

You put it in a location where you’ll be a lot.

Choose a stick for the part of life you want to work on.

Place it in the holder. And light it up.

That’s really all there is to it.

The sticks will do all the work for you at that point...

Changing your life with each inhale you take.

You will never smell anything better.
That’s the first thing you’ll realize.

Then you’ll realize you want this scent in your room 24/7. That’s a natural reaction.

But it’s really not necessary to get the benefits. Go about your business and then watch for the changes.

With the peace of mind stick, you will almost immediately feel more calm and see more clarity.

You will start to realize that there’s really nothing to be worried about. That the universe is cradling you in its arms and always giving you the challenges that can only make you greater.

When you light up the money stick you will feel a shift in energy. Like abundance is coming to you instead of away from you...

And if all goes right, dollars and cents will be coming to you soon. If you work a job, expect a promotion (it’s more likely if you ask for one).

If you run a business, you will get new business ideas which will materialize very quickly.

Because of the larger vessel you have, you will be filled up accordingly.

Some of our businessmen and businesswomen have started new businesses and were profitable in a matter of 60 days.

When you light up the martial harmony stick you will feel attraction for your spouse like you’ve never felt it before.

It’ll be almost like that moment you first met...butterflies everywhere.

Suddenly their point of view will start making sense to you and you’ll grow a mutual understanding that normally you can only get through therapy.

This work beats the hell out of therapy and it’s a lot more affordable.

As you light these up just remember you are part of a tradition going back 3,000 years.

A tradition that these very sticks
you’re using ward off bad spirits and sin.

In modern terms that means anything blocking you from the life you’ve always dreamed of. The goodness is waiting for you above.

You just need to allow it a space to come through.

In short, your life will be blessed.

There is one downside to these sticks. And I don’t like it. You won’t like it.

It’s the fact that, because these are handmade, we can only keep a certain amount in stock.

I bought hundreds of sticks to make sure we had enough for the launch of this product.

But hundreds are not enough.

This is the hottest product on the market in years.

When they run out I will have to go back to the Avtina family for more batches.

Because I will never give you the counterfeit stuff.

But the Avtina family can only produce so much.

They are not used to supplying enough for a huge internet launch.

And that means these sticks may only be available for a very limited time.

I’m talking weeks.

So if you get in you’re very fortunate.

I congratulate you.

If you don’t get in I can’t guarantee you will ever get in.

You can fly out to the Avtinas family store but that will be your last hope.

So let’s not let the opportunity of our lives slip through our fingers. Okay?

So if you see an order button below you know you’re one of a very lucky few...

Original Price: $412 $249 $107

Now for only: $59

*Free Domestic Shipping! International Shipping will be chargeable at $14.95 nett

And now you want to know what it will cost?

And I’ll tell you right now this isn’t about the money for me...

If I make back what I paid for these I’m a happy camper.

Since these are flown in from Japan.

And since these are handmade.

And since these are a one of kind product.

I felt that to charge 200 dollars per package would be more than fair.

I get my money back. And you get a new life.

But then I thought about all the people who are on the fence. All the people who still don't believe me when I tell you these sticks change lives.

I said, for them.

We need a price that’s guaranteed, and a price that absolutely compels them to buy.

I pleaded with the Avtinas family to give us a bulk discount which they did.

That gave me more flexibility....

So we settled on $97

Then I was thinking $79

and finally we settled on $59.

This covers all my processing costs and makes sure the Avtinas family is profiting.

And that money stick will make your 69 dollars back faster than you can say “cash flow.”

So don’t even sweat it.

If you skip Starbucks for a few weeks
this won’t cost you anything.

I know you have a budget. I do too. And it’s tight fitting this into it. I was a broke engineering student. I get it.

But realize what money is for. It’s there to improve your quality of life.

And if you’re not gonna shell out for the most advanced and yet ancient and powerful quality of life booster in forever, then I don’t know why you even read this.

In fact, you don’t belong here.

Because this presentation is for those who are willing to stretch themselves just a little to experience something amazing. Something they can’t get anywhere else.

I will be okay financially. All the marketers in this space want to promote this.

But will you be okay?

Will you be there when the supply is out? And how much worse can your life get?

Because I’m telling you it can get a lot worse. You can become jaded like I used to be.

You may even wind up cutting yourself because you hate yourself so much.

You deserve to be the best you for your husband, wife, children, and the girlfriend or boyfriend you haven’t met yet. All of them want you to have this. I guarantee it.

Speaking of guarantees...

I know this is new to you. And I know, some part of you is skeptical. Could incense really change my life?

Well I want to address that part of you directly.

And here’s what I want to say.

This isn’t a buy situation. This is a try situation.

You get to try this. Prove me wrong. And every penny you paid right back into your bank account.

What can you lose?

When this is absolutely guaranteed for 365 days. That’s more than enough time to see if it’s making a change in your life.

365 days, bucko. All your money back if it doesn’t work.

And if it does work, the money stick will provide 100 times what you paid.

Again I ask you, what do you have to lose?

Look. You’ve got options. You can keep doing what you’re doing and get the results you’ve been getting. But you’ll never be able to take your shirt off in public.

You’ll always be embarrassed of your bank account.

And your marriage will be filled with hate instead of passion.

Or you can go scientific.

We’ve proven over 1000 people that these aromas spark positive change in your life.

Weight loss, marriage harmony, blissful sleep, and just peace of mind.

I don’t know about you.

But I would go with door #2

If you want a change. You have to MAKE a change.

It will never, ever get any easier to make massive upgrades to your life.

And that’s why I’m here...

I’m here because you deserve better.

You don’t deserve all those courses which have you taking on other personalities or

pushing you past your limits.

Forget all of that craziness.

We’ve scientifically proven these sticks work in the vast majority of cases.

You could be our next testimonial. You could be our next success story.

I can’t wait to see it.

I want you to send me pictures.

So take advantage of this one time ever deal...

It’s not $200 as was its original price.

It’s just $59.

Original Price: $412 $249 $107

Now for only: $59

*Free Domestic Shipping! International Shipping will be chargeable at $14.95 nett

Thanks to the generosity of the Avtinas family.

And you get 5 types of sticks.

The relationship stick, the weight loss stick, the sleep stick, the confidence stick, and my favorite... the money stick.

That’s enough to transform your life, right there and we’re coming out with more all the time.

Once you’ve a subscriber you will have access to any new sticks we come out with.

If it doesn’t transform your life, you just ask for your money back.

It’s that simple.

There is no possible way to lose here...

Well....that’s not entirely true.

You lose if you do nothing.

You lose if you walk away.

Because then? Well’ll never know....

If you wait, the price is going back up.

If you wait, this offer might not exist.

But you never lose by taking action.

Because you can always get your money back.

I know my story is a little strange.

How can incense transform a life like it did mine?

But bear in mind incense is used in every single major religion in some capacity.

They all say it wipes out sin. And they all say that wiping out sin is the key to abundance in every aspect of your life...

The ancients weren’t stupid.

When they found something that works, they used it because they didn’t have modern medicine to rely on.

They used it. And they used it again.

So take a good look at that order button.

Because that order button represents your destiny.

Spiritual Sticks will make a difference in your life. That’s my guarantee.

You just need to walk through the door to a better life.

I know there is someone out there...who is skeptical of this presentation...

and that’s natural.

Especially when something is new on the marketplace.

You don’t want to be the first person jumping into the pool.

But you’re not. 1000s have jumped in.

And they found out the rewards here are great.

If I’m wrong about the sticks I lose my reputation and I never get to sell in this marketplace again.

If I’m right everything changes for you.

But I’m not worried about being wrong...

Because I know I’m right.

I know you will see life changes that you couldn’t imagine the day before you tried them...

And the smell....

Yum! The smell is unlike anything you’ve ever smelled.

It’s powerful yet delicious.

Until now you’ve only gotten perfume from your incense.

You have to try the real thing, if anything, just for the experience.

To know that I’m inhaling something made on the other side of the globe that goes back over 3,000 years...

It’s really quite something.

So hit that order button. And fill in the form.

Original Price: $412 $249 $107

Now for only: $59

*Free Domestic Shipping! International Shipping will be chargeable at $14.95 nett

When you do, think of all the ways your life can get better.

And think about how you have nothing to lose by trying it.


And then act.

Your sticks will be rushed to you... reaching you guys in the USA in 3 to 5 business days.

So you don’t need to wait to see if these things are working.

Shipping is free for you guys.

You’ll KNOW these things are working this WEEKEND.

Hit the order button now.

Original Price: $412 $249 $107

Now for only: $59

*Free Domestic Shipping! International Shipping will be chargeable at $14.95 nett

Lock in your savings, and change everything about your life for the better.

Do it now and I’ll be back with you on the flip side to congratulate you.

I’ll also come bearing gifts. It’s worth purchasing just to get these gifts.

So do it now.

Bye for now!

Original Price: $412 $249 $107

Now for only: $59

*Free Domestic Shipping! International Shipping will be chargeable at $14.95 nett

Still here?

Maybe you’ve got some questions. I love answering questions about this product because it is, what I believe, the best product to ever see the light of day.

So let’s hit it:

Question 1

I’ve never heard of this before. How do I know this will work?

First off, my reputation is on the line. I’ll never be able to sell again here if I don’t back up my claims.

Second, using smell to produce results is an ancient practice. If it didn’t produce positive results the religious wouldn’t keep doing it. You are just one in a long line of incense success stories going back 3,000 years...

Question 2

Does the package come with an incense stick holder?

Absolutely it does. This will eliminate the chances of a fire, God forbid.

Question 3

How does smell make me make more money?

Most people see results on the very first day. But for the full experience you want to keep going for 60.

Question 4

How does smell make me make more money?

I don’t fully understand it myself, but the data proves it.

We’ve tested this on a thousand people and nearly everyone is seeing more money in their bank account...

Smell is powerful for changing energies. Smell is used by every religion. And religious organizations like the Vatican are doing pretty well for themselves. They use incense constantly.

Question 5

Is your website secure?

Ever been to Did you feel secure there?

Then you should feel secure here. Because we use EXACTLY the same SSL technology that they do.

Order your peace stick in total peace of mind.

Question 6

My Credit Card is not working.

Do you have enough funds in your bank account to cover it?

That could be one problem.

Otherwise call your bank and let them know it’s really you and you want to buy this.

Any other questions?

Email my friendly customer service team right now.

Original Price: $412 $249 $107

Now for only: $59

*Free Domestic Shipping! International Shipping will be chargeable at $14.95 nett





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